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KA Scholarhips


KA Scholarships & Internships
(Youth through Adult)

KA is very pleased to share some exciting business and community partnerships, from our TN Ready Scholars celebration. Click to learn more about the celebration.

All members of the KA community (students, staff, and families) are eligible to pursue new KA National Academic Scholarships.

Funds can be used in support of college coursework, workshops, conferences, certifications, textbooks, or online educational / career development subscriptions.

The scholarships are renewable, annually, and available to all, regardless of immigration status, for as long as learners are active participants, in support of initiatives delivered by KA’s new College Department.

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There are two different types of scholarships.

  1. Nano scholarships (Simple Actions. Exponential Impact).

    Simple Actions. Exponential Impact.
    Small Actions. Exponential Impact.

  2. Traditional scholarships (Applicants must participate in Event Series from KA's College Department), including partnership with In Full Motion.

    KA Scholarships & Internships

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