KA Teachers Share their Stories, to Best Support Learning (Mr. Bayliss)

The Fundamentals

It’s important to get students to believe in themselves. Whatever is happening that day just drop it at the door. I like to look at my room, like a safe zone. You can’t teach a person that’s not inspired.

I open up my story to students. I was one of the students that was very uninspired. So, I share that experience with students. This helps create meaningful connections.

If you really believe that you can do something. Then you can. You can do it, if you put your mind to it.

Essential Student Success Habits...
Hard work. Believing in yourself, asking for help. I do have fun in my class, but you have to work hard. This helps create community. Your more likely to learn from your peers than from a teacher. I try to create those types of relationships among students.

Connecting with Families...
It’s challenging in high school to create those strong family connections.

Favorite Topics...
I do a Freedom Writers Unit. The movie is based around a first year English teacher. This also allows teachers to acknowledge that students do have a perspective that’s different than the teacher.

Favorite Type of Classroom Activities...
For English, many of the standards are based on collaborative efforts and the formation of collaborative research (group activities). I am a huge fan of presentations, and having to think on your feet, almost like a dissertation. I like to use the Socratic method. It’s important for students to also improve their note-taking skills.

I use rubrics that are standardized. This provides a solid foundation for the student to know how to be successful on the assignment. This also includes interpreting the rubric.

Advice for Teachers...
Really know the students. If you want students to perform at a high level, in the subject you teach, it’s important to develop strong relationships. Teaching is an art, my approach places heavier emphasis on the art of writing, and the art of learning.

Writing cleanly, helps reinforce that art of writing, including your penmanship.

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