KA Teachers Share their Stories, to Best Support Learning (Mr. Pryor)

The Fundamentals

We have to teach kids personal responsibility.

I also like using Teaching Like a Champion, as a resource, especially the principle of "No Opt Out".

Format matters. Teachers need to compile shared information that can be used consistently, in collaboration with other teachers. Following a test where the format matters.

Essential Student Success Habits...
Self starter. Students need to develop these types of habits, over time. It’s important to teach kids stamina. Students have to get used to the format and length of the test. I still emphasize old school notes. Don’t let students into your class until they are prepared.

Connecting with Families...
 I try to do experiments that relate to the real world. I am still working on this area.

Favorite Topics...
Organ systems, cells, and flower reproduction (pollination). I like using 3D models and examples that are hands-on.

Favorite Type of Classroom Activities...
Show what you know quizzes on Friday. I like this routine, it’s an easy way to close out the week. This pushes kids to remain accountable, and want to be their best.

Multiple modes of assessing is important, including building 3D models from scratch. This allows students to really demonstrate what they know.

Advice for Teachers...
Timing is everything. Teachers should time their test. It reinforces personal responsibility and the importance of time management.

Online resource for time help, along with teachers, be conscious of time, with fidelity. Everyone can learn how to work a little quicker, with practice and reinforcement.

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