KA Teachers Share their Stories, to Best Support Learning (Mrs. Brady)

The Fundamentals

Be consistent. Keep to the same schedule every day. Getting students to think on their own is one of the most powerful skills you can develop and reinforce, everyday. This helps students become fluent with analyzing. Students have to be able to defend their opinions and views in order to go to the next level.

Essential Student Success Habits...

Being organized is half the battle. Keeping an agenda is important. You should know what you are going to do for the whole week. Students also keep a composition notebook.

Connecting with Families...

I like to call as many parents as I can. I’m open to families coming in and sitting in the classroom. Families need to see that health goes outside the classroom. This provides more buy-in. When parents don’t know what’s going on in the classroom, that creates the disconnect.

Favorite Topics...

Biology. Genetics. I love genetics. Genetic disorders and blood types is an interesting topic. I try to have students always do a genetic disorder presentation.

Favorite Type of Classroom Activities...

Science labs are key, they provide the context for building analytical skills. This requires students to explain their ideas and thinking.

Advice for Teachers...

The first couple of years of teaching are hard. Get organized and manage your time.

  1. Create a monthly schedule, first, and then work backwards, creating a weekly schedule. If you can get to two weeks at a time, that’s better.
  2. Don’t be afraid to change your schedule once you have created it.
  3. After school time is needed. Every teacher should commit to one day out of the week to stay and help kids.

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