KA Teachers Share their Stories, to Best Support Learning (Mrs. Phillips)

The Fundamentals

An agenda for the day is important. Constantly keeping students busy is important. Brain breaks. Songs. Graphic Organizers. Think, pair, share (collaboration).

Essential Student Success Habits...
You have to study to pass my class, and I’m not kidding:-)... Organizational skills and keeping up with their interactive notebook. Doing your homework.

Connecting with Families...
We have a newsletter that goes out, every two weeks. I also have a website that I update. It’s also helpful to get parents involved in classroom projects.

Favorite Topics...
Nutritional relationships. Adaptation. Cells, Inherited traits. The plants. The Constellations. Physical and Chemical changes.

Favorite Type of Classroom Activities...
Teachers pay teachers is a great resource. Mr. Kessler has great resources focused on student led stations. I noticed a huge improvement with the kids.
Sorting and hands on activities are helpful.

Advice for Teachers...
I would use a "To Do" list. Figure out your top priorities (Red, Yellow, Green).

  1. The "To Do" list has helped a lot.
  2. Take one step at a time. What are the basic things that I want to try to implement. It’s important to think the type of activities through.
  3. The Kessler lab stations are good. Activities that hits all of the different types of learning style. First you need to figure out what you want your classroom to look like.

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