KA Teachers Share their Stories, to Best Support Learning (Ms. Bursh)

My teaching energy remains the same. My enthusiasm about my subject area, has remained the same

The Fundamentals

Consistency. Not changing the rules, not varying from person to person. This helps kids know that you are not going to change. Keep the expectations of your students very high. Push all of your students to a high level.

Keep students on tasks, all the time.

Essential Student Success Habits...
Students are required to have binders to help with their organization. Just the simple task of writing the assignments that you have down, reinforces success. In college, excuses are not accepted.

Students must participate. The more your participate the better students are likely to perform. The more students are involved the more likely they are to succeed.

Connecting with Families...
I wish families could come to class. I send progress reports home, conferences, and talking on the phone. I’m still working on the best means of communication.

Favorite Topics...
Transformations. We play more games, and I look at ways to make learning engaging.Transformations is the movement or rotation of shapes. Shapes can slide or reflect.

Favorite Types of Classroom Activities...
We play a lot of games, like “Knock Out”. Whoever gets the question first wins.

Advice for Teachers...
I am still working on balancing time. I’m committed to students being successful, and putting the extra time in, for the benefit of learning. Get the job done, by any means.

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