KA Wins $15,000 Fitness Grant! Help our Team Promote a Lifetime of Wellness and Healthy Living!

KA Wins Fitness Grant to Promote Lifelong Habits of Physical Activity and Fitness.

Introduction to Dominique Hayes


The Fundamentals

Teaching requires a lot of preparation and adaptability. You have to be flexible, able to mold yourself into what they need from you. I’ve had to become flexible, for the benefit of our kids, and I embrace that type of chance.

The youth are the center, that should be what drives your motivation.

I enjoy how Knowledge Academies is a community based learning environment. I’m big on community, non-profits, and want to start my own non-profit, one day.

This grants will allow our students to have experiences that they may have never had before.

$15,000 Fitness Grant Winner from Good Sports!





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